Kailash Ecovillage offers the following amenities for its residents:


  • 46 individual garden plots
  • Communally gardened space
  • Fruit orchard (53 fruit trees), grape vineyard, and berry patches
  • Garden tool shed & tools
  • multiple ornamental and native gardens
  • Greenhouse

Community Room

  • Meeting space with 60″ TV with surround sound for presentations and movie nights
  • Community kitchen (vegan only)
  • Windows 10 internet station computer
  • Community laser printer
  • Games collection

Bike Parking

  • Covered bike parking for 48 bikes
  • 96 bike parking spots total
  • dedicated bike repair area with pump and basic tools including bike stand with clamp

Car Parking

  • 27 parking spaces for cars

Note: our eventual goal is to depave most of these spaces to create more garden space!

Laundry/Mail Room

  • 2 front load, high efficiency washers
  • 2 electric dryers
  • clothes drying racks
  • outdoor clothesline
  • individual mail boxes for all units
  • bios and photos of all residents posted by their mail boxes (in progress)
  • 3’x10′ separate locked storage units for most apartments
  • as of December 1, 2013, the laundry gets 100% of its power from our solar photovoltaic array

Communication Tools

  • Community bulletin boards
  • Project teams
  • Google group with calendar

Shared resources

  • Free-cycle area
  • Media lending library
  • Vehicle sharing, including car, truck, bike, bike trailor
  • Vacuum, mops, brooms, etc

Extended Recycling

  • Corks, Styrofoam, batteries
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Metal, glass
  • Non-curbside plastics like plastic film and rigid plastics
  • Kitchen scrap composting
  • Compost bins
  • Humanure composting and urine recycling

Our goal is zero waste!


  • Broadcast┬áTV antenna, gets 42 free channels!
  • Internet access (wired to each unit, plus WiFi)
  • Outdoor living and gathering areas
  • Community events
  • Potlucks
  • Guest and meditation room