Do you give tours to the general public?

Once a month, on the first Saturday at 3pm, we have a public tour of the ecovillage. Please join us! Show up at the Welcome Post at the bottom of the driveway adjacent to the wood chip depot.

Occasionally we do special tours for groups that contact us.

Another way to get a tour is to join a tour for prospective residents. These are given on a regular basis when we are filling housing vacancies. You can see if there are vacancies by checking the Craigslist Portland, Oregon housing ads for “ecovillage”.

How do I get on the rental availability list for housing?

We maintain a rental  availability notification list for housing for those interested in joining the community when no vacancies exist. Please send an email to kailashecovillage@gmail.com to inquire.

How much does it cost?

We have different housing options.

  • The least expensive is the co-ed dormitory at $355 per month with a minimum 6 month lease. The dorm has 5 beds in 2 shared rooms.
  • We also have 4 private rooms for rent for $500 and $550 per month with a minimum 1 year lease.
  • Finally, one bedroom apartments are available from $750 to $950 with a minimum 1 year lease. The rate for each apartment depends on it’s level of remodel.
How do I apply to join the community?

The community consists of residents residing here. To join, you need to move to the community.