Our gardens have significant areas dedicated to wildlife habitat, including an amphibian and reptile garden, many bird houses, bat houses (two have been installed), rain gardens and other areas with native plants. The butterfly, insect, and hummingbird gardens have plants especially attractive to native species, such as milkweed for monarch butterflies, pentstemon and echinacea for hummingbirds, and mint family for bumblebees. In 2014 we installed a summer time mud pit for use by the neighborhood swallows and mud dauber wasps. Several areas on the property have year-round water baths. All our ponds are stocked with fish to prevent mosquito infestation.

Currently, we have 3-5 bee hives living in Warre and Top Bar hives. These colonies were from swarms that appeared on the property and for whom we provided homes. We have provided many swarms to other city beekeepers.

We also have several areas providing habitat for our native mason bees.