We have several ongoing events open to the public at Kailash Ecovillage.

Once a month, on the first Saturday at 3pm, we have a public tour of the ecovillage which lasts about an hour. Please join us! Show up at the Welcome Post at the bottom of the driveway adjacent to the wood chip depot. We sincerely apologize, but our property is not  accessible by wheelchairs.

Most Sundays, from about 5:00pm to 8:00pm, the Touching Earth Sangha hosts an outdoor sitting and walking meditation and group discussion with questions and answers about meditation practice, and a meal in the community room. Here is a recent article about Touching Earth. Here is another article by Satya,  How, then, shall we live?, that discusses how a Buddhist lifestyle can both address so many of the current world ills and lead to personal self realization at the same time.

We also host an every other weekend compost work party at our Compost Courtyard. We mostly serve our residents, but neighbors are welcome to bring all the compost they have for batch composting in our large, high-temperature, compost bins. We alternate Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10am. Be sure to arrive at 10am sharp because our efficient system can wrap up the processing in as few as ten minutes! We typically process between 20 to 40 5-gallon buckets of kitchen scraps and garden waste. Here are some upcoming dates of the 2016 compost work parties if you’d like to participate: every 4th Saturday: September 17; October 15; November 12; and December 10. Every 4th Sunday: September 4; October 2, 30; November 27; December 25.

Currently we have a 2nd Tuesday of the month 6:30-8:30pm Vegan Spirituality Group for vegans who wish to explore this topic. We meet in the community room for a potluck, then move to our program topics about 7 pm.

Ole hosts an ongoing Sustainable Projects update discussing ecovillage projects, past, present, and future, on the third Monday of the month at 7pm. This is an RSVP event, so please contact him if you wish to participate.

Other events are scheduled on an ad hoc basis and will be posted here if open to the public.