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Amrita House

Amrita house, is located next to our main building. It was remodeled in 2013 using passivhaus principles. This represents state of the art energy efficiency remodeling. We are now using the same principles as we remodel apartments in the main building.

Amrita House Rear with Balcony and Sunke
House rear with Balcony and Sunken Courtyard
Front of a House
Front of the House, facing the street

The upstairs is a 3 bedroom unit with a large kitchen, separate shower and half bathroom, built-in central vacuum, balcony, and front sun porch.

The lower floor was remodeled as an accessory dwelling unit and includes kitchen-dining areas, a living room, 3 bedrooms, a built-in central vacuum, and an extra room with its own entry onto the sunken courtyard with patio and terraced gardens. This space is rented as individual rooms.

More Photos

More Photos
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