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The residents of Kailash Ecovillage organize in teams to manage and contribute to different aspects of the community.

Group Gardens Team

This group, mainly composed of residents but also including neighbors, manages the communal cultivation of large gardens and divides the harvest among members. It chooses what to plant and organizes regular work and harvest parties.

Fruit Care Team

manages the berry patches, fruit orchard, and vineyard areas, dividing the harvest among members and the greater community.

Recycling Team

meets as necessary to discuss composting and recycling issues. Has held audits of the dumpsters to study ways of decreasing landfill waste. Also, organizes pickups of items being donated for charity.


The bike team manages the various bike parking areas around the property, assigns spots to residents who frequently use their bikes and helps out with resident's cycling and bike transportation needs.


Bike Team

The tech team provides help to residents with their computer and networking needs.  It maintains the public computer in the community room, troubleshoots Internet issues and more.


Tech Team

The beautification team works on Ecovillage art projects, such as the murals. It figures out how to budget these project, source materials and manages the work parties involved. 


Beautification Team

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