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Kailash Ecovillage

An intentional community committed to sustainable urban living in SE Portland. 

At Kailash, residents have their own private spaces but come together to share meals and facilities, organize activities, and look out for each other. Kailash maintains the principles of co-housing within a rental model to maintain affordability.


Centrally located in SE Portland, Kailash consists of a main building with thirty 1-bedroom apartments and two 2-bedroom apartments, a PassivHaus with 3 rooms above and 4 rooms below, and one tiny house. 

Corner Unit's Kitchen


The property has a patio, community room, and tree house for gatherings; a guest room; an electric car share; and a bike shed for residents. The community maintains a share table for food, shares a tool shed, and residents share resources and skills amongst themselves as well.


Kailash typically has around 50 residents. Residents have different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, incomes, ages, family types, sexual orientations, and spiritual paths. Potlucks, community work parties, art projects, and shared spaces help build the community at Kailash and promote the sharing of information, resources, and talents of our residents. 

Sustainability Initiatives

  • Organic gardening and local food production. The extensive gardens consist of individual garden plots as well as communally managed spaces: a perennial fruit orchard and food forest, vineyards, berry patches, areas for annual crops, and a pollinator flower garden. The community also has beehives and initiatives to support the well-being of pollinators.

  • Alternative sources of energy and water. The property has solar panels, swales, and a well. The community supports human-powered transportation (biking, walking). At the entrance of Kailash there is electric vehicle charging on site for residents as well as the community.

  • Frugal use of energy and resources. Most of the units on site are less than 700 sq feet. Kailash fosters a culture where residents are aware of how much they are consuming and throwing away, and where residents strive to live lightly on the planet. 

  • Composting and recycling. Kailash has a compost for residents to contribute to on site. Residents are diligent about recycling. As a community, items that can’t be recycled at the curb are gathered and taken to local recycling locations. Kailash also encourages its residents to participate in a model of ecological sanitation.

Our commitment to sustainability involves experimentation and open-mindednessexploring new methods of sustainable urban living. 

Tour Kailash

If you are interested in renting a room or apartment at Kailash or just want to learn about sustainable urban living in SE Portland, we encourage you to join us for our monthly in-person tour on the first Saturday of the month from March to November @ 3 pm.


If you are unable to attend in person, you can also view a virtual tour of the property recorded in April 2020.



4311 SE 37th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97202

Rental Inquiries

If you are interested to rent a room or apartment at Kailash, please first review our RENTAL CRITERIA and then join our Vacancy Notification List. When a vacancy develops, we will contact you with the details of the available unit.

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