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Breezeway Mural

  In February 2019, the Beautification Team chose the breezeway mural to be its first art project.

  We asked our ecovillage residents for ideas and Linda, a member of our Beautification Team, put them all together in one design.

  The final design shows the gardens of Kailash Ecovillage, the humans and creatures inhabiting the place with Mt. Hood in the background on three 4'x5' panels

Breezeway Mural Drawing.jpg
Breezeway Mural Final Design
Mosaic Tiles_edited.jpg
Mosaic Tiles

  We were fortunate to have someone living here that is as qualified and talented as Linda to lead this technically complicated project!

George, Linda, Torria and Ginny
Panels laid out on kitchen island

  Now, the breezeway mosaic mural sits on top of our share table which often has on it a public share of the bountiful produce we grow in our gardens

  The mural is made of mosaic tiles in different colors and sizes.

Elmer's Glue was used as the tiles' adhesive. Since the mural is in the breezeway, rainy weather was not a concern

Linda and Delilah working on the blue iris flower.

The community room was used as our work space.

Community members stopped by to help paint tiles and glue them

Tools on Table.png
Maitri and Paul

  All the panels have four holes at the top and the bottom so that they can be safely secured to the breezeway wall

Attaching panels to the breezeway wall
Breezeway Mural Final.jpg
Breezeway mosaic mural with salad mix and cherries from our trees
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