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Solar Energy Harvesting

  In November 2013 we installed an 18 kilowatt solar photovoltaic array on the western most roof top. It provides 100% power to Unit 17 and the Laundry/Mail room and common areas.

In July 2014 we installed an additional 7 kilowatts that supplies all the power for Unit 1, a shared living space and the Community Room. These two initial projects totaled 25 kilowatts.

SunBridge Solar Crew on the Roof
SunBridge Solar Crew on the Roof 2013
Solar Array Schematic.png

  In Fall 2020 we added an additional 33 kilowatts of solar panels on the remainder of the south roof of the main building to maximize its solar production potential and reach 68 kilowatts. We have found this additional capacity has allowed the ecovillage to produce about two thirds of its power.

Kailash Roof Solar Panels
Solar Panels on Kailash Ecovillage's roof, 2020

  Eventually, more panels mounted on a new structure on the south side of the building covering part of the parking lot will enable the ecovillage to become net zero: meaning we will produce all the power we consume by around 2022.

Here is a Solar Oregon article about our process and a presentation about Kailash’s solar projects, including a thermal project.

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