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Signage Mural

The aim of the project, led by the beautification team, was to improve the looks of the east façade by embellishing the wall with a beautiful mural and moving the KEV signage to the upper left or right corner of the building

Mosaic Tiles

  As with our breezeway mosaic mural project, we were fortunate to have our resident artist Linda take charge and guide the project artistic and technical aspects.

Maitri Working on the Top Half of the Mural

  After a few months of hard work, Jason, our handyman, working with the assistance of resident volunteers, hoisted the two mural parts up and attached them to the front of the building.  

Close up of Mural
Signage Mural plan.png

The community living room turned into our work space. Most of the furniture has been moved to the guest room.

The boxes on the floor shown in the photo are containers for the different colored stained glass, which were donated by a stained glass artist.

Linda making sure the work follows the design

During the 2020 pandemic, ecovillage residents and their guests worked tirelessly to put the mosaic together.

Jason, Neil and John
All done!
More Photos
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