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Future Projects

Here is a sampling of some of the proposed future projects for Kailash Ecovillage

Outdoor kitchen 

Food preservation, by canning and drying the surplus Summer and Fall harvest, makes eminent sense, but can heat a residential space to an uncomfortable degree in the warm season.

An outdoor kitchen can perform these tasks using solar energy or surplus scrap wood as fuel. The existing utility sink using solar heated water serves to clean garden produce. An outdoor kitchen will also be a valuable resource during an emergency event, assisting emergency preparedness.

We hope to install a variety of wood fired stoves such as different fuel efficient rocket stoves. Solar ovens would also allow harvesting of solar radiation for cooking.

Outdoor kitchen in an ecovillage sketch

Exterior makeover

Modeled after an Asian temple as drawn by the visionary Mark Lakeman (see his sketches below), our exterior makeover has already begun with the completion of a new metal roof surface, as well as a cupola in the center of the main building serving as a utility space for solar energy collection and as an observation tower. He has proposed the installation of decorative spires and Aztec roof "combs" at several locations on the roof. We have finally sourced stainless gold rectangular tubing for this project. Now that the rooftop solar project is completed it makes sense to proceed.

Courtyard mural

our eastern building wall faces the street and would make an ideal canvas to create an inspiring artwork.

Diagrams Sketches and Renderings
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