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  Kitchen scraps and garden refuse is composted in our Kitchen Compost Courtyard constructed of dry stack concrete blocks. We have eleven 2.5 cubic yard bins.   Moving in a counterclockwise  (from above) rotation, a full circle requires about 9 months.

Kitchen Compost Courtyard
Kitchen Compost Courtyard 2014
Humanure Compost Processor
Humanure Compost Courtyard

  Human excreta, combined with toilet paper and additive, is thermophilically composted and both it and our urine are sanitized in our permitted IAPMO WE-Stand certified composting and urine diversion system before distribution to the gardens.

We create more humus in our wood chip pathways, each of which is a humus factory.

Some residents process their organic compostables with worm bins or using a Bokashi technique.

All told, we have created about 10 cm of compost topsoil over the entire property by tapping the urban waste stream.


We follow organic gardening techniques, avoiding synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Additionally, we avoid using animal and slaughterhouse byproducts in our composting processes and gardens. The result is lush veganic gardens covering the property, sequestering carbon in newly created soil.

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More Photos
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