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Vehicle Sharing

  Our community’s first all electric vehicle was Dan and Diane’s, who share their Nissan 2016 Leaf thru the car sharing service Turo for daily rentals. Neil is also informally volunteering his truck and bike trailer for sharing. The bike team also maintains a couple conventional bicycles for sharing. We encourage other residents to join us in sharing their vehicles.

  In Fall 2017, Ole and Maitri acquired a second-hand all-electric Nissan 2013 Leaf and have made it available for informal sharing. In January, 2020, Kailash Ecovillage received a grant from Portland General Electric’s Drive Change Fund to set up a formal community vehicle sharing program with one newly acquired electric vehicle. Funds from this grant were used to acquire a 2017 Chevy Bolt EV as well as a commercial networked Sema 6 charging station. Our goal was to set up a community car sharing program using Getaround. Unfortunately, it turned out Getaround only allows Tesla EVs.

  So Fall 2020 set up our own program using commercial insurance and our own scheduling and maintenance program.

  As of Summer 2020, the community shares three all-electric vehicles.


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