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Kailash Ecovillage typically have about 50 residents on site.

Residents have our own spaces, but also get together in various ways.

As example, residents meet our neighbors coming and going in the mail room, doing laundry, gardening their individual plots, or while emptying their personal pee containers.

Additionally, residents get together in work parties while group gardening, or at community nights ,as well as potlucks and events, such as movie nights.

Resident's Potluck 06-20-201.jpg
Residents Potluck 2021

Residents are also interested in developing community with our Portland neighbors. Several neighbors have plots in our community garden or participate in our group gardens program. Our community room is regularly used by community groups for various events. Our wood chip depot is open to any neighbors to help themselves to wood chips for their own gardening projects. We have developed a neighborhood interface area with bulletin board and public gardens and a street painting. In fact, the development of these projects were part of City Repair projects which allowed us to introduce ourselves to many neighbors we had not yet met. One workshop participant actually lived here in 1962!

The residents of Kailash Ecovillage voted in 2019 to develop a democratic community decision-making process integrating both face to face discussion, followed by voting by the community, including on line polling to insure everyone may participate. Every resident voted to approve this process.

Details of the decision-making process were worked out, such as what percentage of residents are required to approve a community decision.

Community Decision Making Discussion Aug
Community Decision Making Meeting

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