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Depave 2009

In August 2009 we depaved 12 parking spaces, totaling 4500 square feet of asphalt, to create new garden space. This was done under the sponsorship of City Repair’s This space has subsequently been turned into a 3,200 sq ft circular garden for annual food crops, with perimeter areas reserved for rain gardens, wildlife habitat, berry and grape production, space for cucurbit gardens, space for a neighborhood interface with bulletin board and seating for tea, and a courtyard for the community room.

The depave areas were marked, following the schematic, then cut into asphalt “tiles” one week before the big event. 8 dumpsters were rented to contain all the asphalt that was anticipated to be removed.

The day of the big event volunteers showed up bright and early. We had great weather.

After warm ups and a group photo, participants launched into the parking lot demolition with gusto. Starting from the north end, we moved our way south, loading up dumpster after dumpster.

Enthusiastic Depave Volunteers
Enthusiastic Depave Volunteers
Depave 2009 Schematic.png

We also removed a fair amount of “urbanite” and eventually a pickup load more of asphalt from all the perimeter areas.

Under a parking lot we discovered an old house foundation which created a lot more work to excavate and remove the foundation.

Our eventual goal is to depave most of the remaining car parking, reserving space only for community vehicles, bikes, and vehicle access to the building entrance for deliveries!

Besides the parking lot, we depaved a small area just outside unit 1 and a narrow strip along the south parking lot fence. The latter would allow us to grow a strip of vegetation that could climb the fence and really green this section of pavement. (It is now planted in bluebells and grape vines.)

Depave outside unit 1 completed.jpg
Depaving Outside Unit 1

More Photos

More Photos
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