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  The configurations only differ in their orientation. The eight units at each

end of the building have an additional east or west window adjacent to

the dining area.

  The main building at Kailash Ecovillage consists of 32 apartments on three levels. The building is split in half by a breezeway in its center.

  Fourteen one bedroom units are accessible via a ground floor walkway that runs all along the north and south sides of the building. Additional 16 one bedroom units are accessed via a balcony above the walkway, reached by stairways in the breezeway and at each corner of the building. These units are all about 565 square feet, and have a similar configuration: bathroom with tub shower, hall with built-in closet, kitchen, dining area, living room, and bedroom with two built-in closets. The living room and bedroom have windows facing either south or north.

Apartment Typical Floor Plan_1.png

Typical Apartment Floor Plan

  All units underwent a comprehensive energy audit and upgrade (installation of foam core exterior doors, double pane windows, and insulation of the outer north and south walls, where the windows were installed) in 1994 and are fairly energy efficient. Several units have had additional wall installation installed as well as updated cabinetry, flooring, and fixtures.

All units are wired for cable TV and internet, telephone, and rooftop broadcast television antenna. Residents pay their own electric. For most units water, sewer, recycling, and garbage are included in the monthly rent. A few units have water meters and are billed for water and sewer.

Wired and Wi-Fi internet are provided at no cost.


One bedroom units start at $1000.

Corner Unit's Kitchen
Renovated Corner Unit's Kitchen

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More Photos
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