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Tree House

Early in 2020 we did major surgery on 3 tall volunteer seedling cherry trees that produced poor fruit to prepare them for grafting just above the ground with a better fruit variety. These trees also shaded trees with better fruit to their north. This required removing most of the upper branches and girdling the tree just above the ground. We left the trunks in place to 16′ to provide a foundation for a tree house or other art projects like obelisks or totems. We did some initial grafts around the girdled area but they did not take.

In late Spring 2020 we proposed using the remaining tree trunks to support a tree house, Mark Lakeman quickly sketched some inspiring plans and our tree house project was well on its way! His initial plan called for three turrets. We explored roof designs using a combination of towers, skylights and stained glass.

In Summer 2020 we simplified his design to just an elevated deck, a simpler conical roof, and a spiral staircase surrounding the middle tree. This is intended to be a shoestring frugal project to make a new covered gathering area next to our fire circle. We are hoping to start construction in 2022.

Here is a folder with some ideas and sketches. We are always open to other inspiring ideas, so feel free to chime in!


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