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Tiny House

In June 2019, Kailash Ecovillage embarked on an innovative tiny house project. Leviathan, as the diminutive dwelling is known, resides next to Amrita House and represents a new kind of housing, having the advantages of being owner built and occupied.


Tiny House

Tiny House from Above

Tiny House from Unit 25.jpg

Tiny House alongside Amrita House

and the Circular Gardens


The tiny house has water and electric connections to the existing ecovillage grid, and its occupants use our permitted ecological sanitation and greywater systems for excreta and wash water treatment.

As part of this project, one of the possible ideas for re-purposing the remainder of the parking lot is to create a tiny house, yurt, RV, and tent village with a community center for cooking, gathering, and sanitation. We are planning to approach the city in 2021 to explore the possibility.

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